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Is your business idea reliant upon a successful machine? We assist start-ups with all the corresponding challenges. Together we analyse whether your idea is viable and refine your business plan until the figures add up. Need for further support? We can introduce you to our network of specialists. They will help with the development, scale-up and/or construction of your first prototype. Come and talk to us; whatever the phase of your start-up. We guarantee it will be a beneficial experience.


You know what you want. But how to get there? You’re not 100% sure yet. We can guide you through both business and technical matters – feasibility, budget, timing – so you gain a rapid insight into the options. This in turn allows you to make better decisions and expand your idea faster.

As well as being expert machinery builders, we are also primarily entrepreneurs. Who once, like you, started with an ambitious idea.

After guiding and supervising various tech start-ups, we can safely say that we speak your language and know how to support you.

Is the collaboration intensifying? Then we can provide you with our Kick-starter. This is an office facility at our premises, where your idea is literally and figuratively given the space to grow. It’s an operating base where you can welcome investors, hold meetings and so on.

We have all the expertise you need in-house: whether you need business, mechanical, electrical or software knowledge. This enables us to advise and guide you in both business and technical aspects.

The process

Step We work by your side, to analyse your business idea.
Step We refine your business plan until the figures add up. So you are a robust proposition for investors.
Step We support your development and transform your process knowledge into a technical concept.
Step We build a prototype or refine your initial prototype.
Step We help you further engineer that first prototype.

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