Continental Mechelen produces both ABS system components for sister companies and fully finished ABS braking systems for passenger cars which are supplied directly to the automotive sector. The plant in Mechelen has always focused strongly on the development and construction of valves and sensors and is therefore the centre of competence in the field of valve production. Continental Mechelen produces more than 25 million sensors a year with extensive automation.

Due to an increase in volume, there was a need for a new production line for the ABS wheel sensors.

A complete production line that is sufficiently flexible to be able to produce the various types of sensors.

Suitable for existing as well as new types

The proces time for making one sensor may be max. 3sec.


VINTIV has developed a production line consisting of 3 parts :

Design and construction of the assembly machine.

Integration of the injection moulding machine.

Design and construction of the test machine.

In order to meet the demand for a flexible machine, VINTIV has used 6-axis robots for the manipulations between the different operations.  Six robots are used per production line.

The assembled product also undergoes a 100% quality control (camera inspection) before being fed to the next machine.

This involves a dimensional check (the functional dimensions are checked) and a functional check (simulation of the sensor in the trolley and thorough function test).


In addition to an increase in production capacity, greater flexibility was achieved thanks to this machine, as well as 100% quality control.