Three years after the opening of our engineering hub in Waregem, our colleagues are moving to a new office. Director Timen Floré gives you a look behind the scenes as well as a look ahead.

VINTIV Waregem moves from the Bedrijvencentrum in Waregem to… the Bedrijvencentrum in Waregem. The same address, but a new home. Timen Floré’s team moves into a renovated and larger office space within the same building.

“We are looking for two new colleagues to grow to a team of six. In these new offices there is room for that: they are double the size of where we were before.”

“In addition, this completely renovated office also looks much more modern. More in line with our headquarters in Beringen. This is hopefully going to help us find new colleagues more easily. The projects here are incredibly challenging, now we also have a nice workspace to show off.”

How does Timen look at this new step in the VINTIV story? As a small step or big leap forward? “Among colleagues, I notice that everyone is proud. Now we are finally in the right place, is the general feeling. To suppliers, too, this is an upgrade.”

“Business-wise, I see this move as an intermediate step. Our ultimate ambition is to carry out the whole development and assembly process here in Waregem. But at the same time keep the synergy going with Beringen.”

Different paths

“What the next step will be, is hard to tell. Will we eventually open our own workshop? Or will we take over an assembly company, for example, or a company that does sheet metal work? Who knows what opportunities will present themselves. The end goal is clear, but we can reach it via different paths. But that’s what entrepreneurship is all about.”