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As an OEM, are you facing a machinery challenge outside your core business? Have you noticed a recurring demand from your customers but are unable to respond to it because you lack development power? We can support your development department from idea to prototype, or help you with the further development into a serial-ready product.


Developing a prototype into product suitable for serial production corresponds to certain growing pains. We will alleviate that pain. Combine your process knowledge with our experience in prototype construction, so that your engineers can focus on what they are good at: further developing your core products.

We can engineer and construct the prototype in-house. We also guarantee short lines of communication, which are so important.

We apply our development strengths alongside your process knowledge. This allows you, as a serial manufacturer, to set up a parallel development track with just a few of your engineers.

You will have one permanent project manager who will keep the collaboration on track. He will manage the development project together with your project leader.

You then become the owner of the intellectual property developed by us. We attach great importance to tech-transfer and providing all the necessary documentation: your machine and the corresponding IP is 100% yours.

We offer 30 years of experience in prototype construction. So you can shorten turnaround times and respond quickly to the demands from your market

Once your machinery is working efficiently, we analyse how we can make serial production even quicker and cheaper.

The process

We work by your side, to analyse your business case.
We create a development team that is tailor-made to your requirements.
Our mechanical, electrical and software engineers will work for you and with you.
We make and assemble your first prototype. After the first field tests, we then process the new insights.
We develop your machine into a unit that is ready for serial production.

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