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Is a machine or some of your machinery fleet outdated, but still too good to be replaced? We will upgrade your machine, in line with current technical standards, not only mechanically or electrically, but also in terms of software, connectivity, machine safety and user-friendliness.


As an all-round machine specialist, we give you a complete overview of the options. What is the ROI of a new-build versus a retrofit for your case? What are the possible scenarios within the retrofit option? It is often worth examining the issues as a whole, rather than focussing on the individual problem. Get the most out of your investment so that your upgraded machine will last even longer.

We analyse your retrofit from a technical and economic perspective. So we can help you make the best choice based on ROI.

We have a wide range of skills and competencies in-house. For this, we rely on our team of mechanical and electrical developers. We have software engineers, CNC cutters, welders, and also mechanical and electrical mechanics. This gives you a single point of contact for the entire retrofit.

We’ll help broaden your horizons. Because a machine retrofit is the ideal moment to tackle other machinery aspects too.

Our approach is based in transparency and we will offer you insights into the structure of the investment.

We also provide the necessary documentation, i.e. technical drawings, electrical diagrams, and instructions. After all, this is and always will be your machine.

We will help you with spare part management. So you know which components are crucial and which are not.

Every retrofit follows a fixed step-by-step plan. A structure that has been perfected over hundreds of projects. So we can assess the overall picture well in advance and maintain an overview during the process.

One fixed project manager keeps your project on the right tracks. He takes the lead in machine design, keeps the momentum going, and monitors deadlines and budgets. This gives you a single point of contact; one person to oversee the whole process.

The process

We will visit your premises to assess the status of your machinery.
We will provide an overview of possible scenarios. Including budget and timing.
We will do everything required to update your machine to the modern standards.
Tested and approved? Then we will restart the machine.
We will provide you with all the necessary documentation for your new machine.

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