RBB NV produces concrete roof tiles for building material groups Creaton and BMI.

In the case of nuanced roof tiles, the production process itself already ensures a certain colour mix. But in order to achieve an optimal mix, roofers had to mix the tiles on site. They do this by using roof tiles from different packs of tiles during the laying process. Similar to what a bricklayer does with bricks.

But in practice, fewer and fewer roofers complied with this obligation. Because they work more and more with aerial work platforms that offer whole pallets at the same time.

Result: not an ideal colour mix and more complaints from builders and owners.

Our assignment: develop and build an installation that automatically mixes roof tiles :

  • which mixes tiles by machine without slowing down the production process;
  • which can be implemented on existing lines;
  • and where the exact mixing ratios can be set.

In addition to speed and the implementation issue, profitability was also an important factor. A concrete roof tile is a solid but relatively cheap product. This extra service to the roofers was not allowed to increase the price tag of the end product.


Place robots that mix the pans “on the fly”? That implementation and the extra line adjustments were too expensive.

A tile mixing installation that mixes the tiles mechanically was a more logical choice. This installation stacks, pushes over and unstacks tiles.

The RBB operator sets the mix factor via a PLC menu. Each time, the transducer lifts yet another tile from the conveyor belt. The other tiles follow the normal route towards the packaging process.

The collected roof tile ends up in a queue. At the end of the queue, the tile occupies the vacant position on the conveyor belt.

This combination of selective letting in and putting in again, results in a mixed package of roof tiles.

This entire installation was implemented above the existing conveyor belt to the packaging plant.


A cost-effective machine that mixes roof tiles completely autonomously. At the same production speed and without major changes to RBB’s installations or production process.

And above all: a serious added value for their customers.