Viscofan makes casings for meat products. More concretely: the skin around, for example, a sausage, which keeps the meat fresh and juicy. The Hasselt based company has several extrusion lines that are responsible for the production of the casings. Small drive rollers push these casings over the production line, from station to station.

It is important that the motors that drive the rollers are perfectly synchronized. Because of the outdated control system, this was no easy task. In addition, the measurability and the user interface of the production lines was far from ideal.  During standstills, it was not always clear where exactly the problem occurred.


We upgraded extrusion line per extrusion line. We replaced the motors with modern and more energy efficient alternatives. The old control panels were replaced by a completely new panels with a new control system. This makes it easier to adjust motor speeds and change settings of the machine.

Thanks to this new control system, the lines can communicate with each other. In combination with the necessary sensors, everything is measurable and therefore transparent.

We also implemented a new user interface. No more rocker switches and small digits, but clear displays. We replaced the pinch meters and tachometers of the past with a large LCD screen. On this screen, operators can read all important data quickly and easily: what is the actual line speed? What about engine temperatures?


The retrofitted extrusion lines are safer, deliver a better quality product, consume less and are more user-friendly. And the production process itself is fully measurable.