Manufacturing a machine is done in several steps. Our colleagues explain how your machine takes shape: from concept study to commissinoing.

Step 1: Concept study

Having a custom-made machine built starts with a question that has never been asked before, a first chat, an empty sheet and… a scribble. This concept study is the foundation of everything that follows.

Step 2: Mechanical development

We draw the mechanical set-up. In this step, our mechanical engineers convert the ideas from the concept study into a design.

Step 3: Electrical development

The link between the 3D and 2D CAD design from the previous step and the electrical control system. Our hardware engineers bridge the gap between the mechanical and control engineering aspects.

Step 4: Project management

We now have a perfect view of what we are going to make. Time to roll out the further plan of action. You can count on our project managers.

Step 5: Manufacturing of parts

Some parts we buy, others are custom made by our CNC workstations here in our workshop.

Step 6: Mechanical assembly

The actual construction of the machine. Part by part, our mechanical engineers assemble your machine

Step 7: Electrical assembly

Panel builing, machine cabling and wiring. Our electricians provide the power to make everything move.

Step 8: Software development

Our software engineers write the code that tells each machine part what its role is in the whole. After programming the PLCs, a second translation follows: from machine language to information that is understandable for the operator.

Step 9: Machine delivery

Does everything work as it should? Then we disassemble the machine here, rebuild it on site. Our automation engineers continue until the installation meets the requirements of our customer.

Would you like to submit an automation question to us? Please contact us and we will discuss the possibilities.

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