You’ve made up your mind. For your production, retrofitting is a more logical choice than investing in a new machine. You may already have a company in mind that can do that conversion for you. Our advice: address the subject of spare parts. And ask for a view on later maintenance. Only then will you have complete peace of mind.

The absolute minimum for spare parts management is an overview of all used components for the machine retrofitting itself.

It is even better if the contractor uses this overview to draw up a critical spare parts part list together with you and. Such a list is the result of a risk analysis. We analyze which critical components are present, which may be the result of a defect in these components. Think for example of damage, loss of production… and the duration before this defect can be solved.


This gives us an insight into which parts are critical to the operation of your machine. If the belt of the main drive breaks, you will not get your machine working. This is of a different order than a signal light that no longer flickers. If you compare it to your car: you can still drive with a defective blinker light. With a defective steering system, it’s game over.

We make an inventory of the crucial components versus the less important ones for each machine retrofit. Pneumatics, mechanical and electrical parts,…. And lay down the delivery times you need to calculate down time for those components: will component x be delivered within the day or is it a week?

This is how we help you to build up an efficient stock. It doesn’t make sense to have all parts in stock.


In addition, we also give you an overview of which maintenance interventions need to be carried out and when. And what to do. So you can immediately assess whether you leave that to your own technicians or whether we should take care of it.

Because regular maintenance in combination with a good spare management system is still the best guarantee for a minimum down time.

Machine retrofitting: conclusion?

If you take the step to machine retrofitting: do it right. With us you have complete peace of mind: from the preliminary process to spare part management. Want to know more?