In man behind the machine we let our employees have their say. About their work here, their colleagues and what they like to do after work. We also ask them to pose with an object that is typical for their job. For our senior software engineer Erwin Comhair this is a laptop and a network cable.

“On my laptop I write code. The cable connects me to the machine, so that I can use my code to set its parts in motion”.

“As a software engineer I bring our machines to life. The colleagues in the previous development process make all movements possible. And I define how each part has to move. They dimension and install a motor, I let it run at the right speed. They select the most suitable robot arm, I program that arm so that it makes the right movements”.

“It’s always search, search and search. Impossible is nothing.”

“Our machines are designed and built to perform certain actions. I divide all those actions in smaller sub-tasks to the level of the most elementary movement. The process in which a robot arm lifts a certain object, for example, consists of different sub-tasks. I list these assignments and translate each step into the right programming language. The code that gives a function to the robot: turn so many degrees left, open your hand, tilt your hand forward so many degrees, squeeze your hand with that particular force…”.

“Every machine we develop is custom-made. That means a new challenge every time. And that’s how I like it: I love that I never have to do the same thing twice. It’s something different every time. That’s why it’s important that as a software engineer you are and remain eager to learn. Self-study, training… Impossible is nothing is my slogan . I have to keep going until it works. It’s all about searching, persistance, team work and in the end creating a machine that meets our customers’ requirements.

“There is no such thing as “the” solution. In programming there are always several paths that lead to the solution. Every programmer looks at a problem in his own way. I find it fascinating that everyone in our team excels in something different and knows just a little bit more about a certain topic”.

“You do your own thing. But at the same time you work together towards that one goal”.

“The best part is a machine that does what it’s supposed to do perfectly. That everything works smooth. That our customer is satisfied. As last in line from VINTIV I  may receive the congratulations. But I am only as good as all my colleagues before me. That’s what I like about my work here: you do your own thing, but you work together as a team to get the job done”.

And after the working hours? “Then I make time for my family. My previous job required me to travel frequently, so I often was abroad and it also involved a lot of weekend work. I have now consciously chosen to spend more time with my family. And it’s nice that VINTIV takes this into account.

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